Carica Distributors Incorporated

Carica Distributors, Inc

Carica Distributors, Inc. provides premium grade products from nature's plants and sea life. Kiosks in major department store chains offer a full range of food suppplements, healing teas and juices, oils, personal care products, and potent extracts. Our product development, network system, unparalleled years of experience, and technical knowledge has made Carica the longest standing company in the herbal industry.

Food Supplements

Enrich and complete your nutritional requirements with all-plant, all-natural healing alternatives.

HEALING Teas & Juices

Drink up on antioxidant-rich juices and healing herbal teas to complete your health needs amidst the bustle of daily routine.

POTENT Extracts

Discover plant extracts unique to Carica. All-plant, all-natural formulas that restore health on a cellular level.

VCO Products

Rediscover the age-old healing benefits of this miracle oil.

SKIN CARE Products

Boosted with herbal and floral extracts, nourish and protect your skin with our soaps, shampoos, and oils.

Other Products

As Carica continues to grow, we offer various lifestyle solutions and healing alternatives that reflect our country's wealth of plant-based products.